Doge of Venice

A Game of Influence and Intrigue

Republic of Venice, 1348 A.D. Lamentations fill the city as news spreads that the old Doge is dead! The five Electors of Venice will meet in one week to determine his successor. Will it be you?

Goal: You have seven days to use your money, strength, influence (and a few dirty tricks) to convince the Electors that you should be the next Doge of Venice.

Game Play: Deploy your agents across the city to gain prestige, piety, strength and income. Recruit prominent citizens to your cause, sponsor a trade voyage or crusade, or visit the gambling den to hire the talents of some of the less reputable citizens of Venice.

Choose Your Candidate

Each candidate has different strengths and weaknesses. While some start with greater influence with the church or military, others have extra agents or family that could forge useful alliances!

Deploy Your Agents

Deploy your agents across the city. Should you fund a trade voyage that might bring returns later, recruit a soldier to bolster your strength today, or block your opponent from commissioning a masterpiece that would cause her prestige to soar?

Recruit Allies

The Cittadini (citizens) of Venice can aid you in your campaign, bringing you prestige and influence (for a price). But beware, many have secrets that could be used against you…

Collect Rumors

Visit the Mendicante (the beggar) for useful gossip and helpful event cards. Uncover the secrets of the citizens of Venice to make them more vulnerable to your offers.

Dirty Tricks

In La Bisca (the gambling den), you can hire the services of the less reputable denizens of Venice to work on your behalf. Seduce, bribe, or intimidate the citizens of Venice to join your side.

The Electors Vote

The five Elettore (Electors) each have their own criteria for voting for the new Doge. For three of the electors, how they will vote is known to everyone. However, two of the electors have mysterious motives.

If the votes go your way, you will be the next Doge of Venice!